When it comes to relationships, we have a long-term perspective.

when it comes to creating results, we’re impatient. we expect that you feel the same way.


The marlo method™ is all about establishing hard goals — and holding ourselves to them. We find that most business people know they need PR, but they don't know how to define or measure it. Often, they're not sure what services will be covered by their retainer, and that makes them nervous. We understand, and we respect our clients' need to see ROI — we think the same way! That's why we developed the marlo method™ as our proprietary approach to discussing our business relationships in more concrete terms.

  • It starts with a preliminary meeting to learn about you and your product or services. We explore your vision for growth and discuss your marketing needs.
  • Next, we conduct an extensive discovery phase to learn about your industry and your competition. With this research in hand, we put together a capabilities presentation tailored to your specific needs.
  • Upon the signing of a contract, we develop a personalized, integrated plan and accompanying 12-month calendar designed to achieve your desired goals. These calendars establish clear expectations right at the outset of our relationship, and they serve as the basis for both pricing and performance measurement throughout.